To the Majestic Theater Patrons:

We are writing to you in this open letter format in an effort to explain some of the changes that have occurred in the Town of West Springfield's downtown business area, known as the "Central Business District" (CBD) and offer solutions and information in an effort to enhance your experience as a visitor to West Springfield's CBD.

After many years of businesses closing or leaving the CBD, we have been fortunate enough to experience a resurgence in our downtown area, which is more vibrant and exciting than it has been in several decades. As a result of this revitalization, we have naturally seen an increase in the number of visitors to our downtown area and, in turn, an increase in the use of on-street parking. Luckily, we had anticipated and planned for this by improving available municipal parking that is centrally located in close proximity to the CBD and the Majestic Theater property. We recognize that the Majestic Theater and its continued support from their loyal patrons over the last 25 years has been a driving force in keeping the CBD alive and we are extremely grateful for the continued patronage. My office has been meeting regularly with the Majestic staff and new business owners to address anticipated parking issues.

We have over 200 municipal parking spots in two lots located at Town Hall on Central Street to the south and east of the Majestic's property, as shown on the enclosed map. We have 160 spots available at the newly constructed Coburn Elementary School, located across Elm Street to the north of the Majestic. Spots are also available at the West Springfield Council on Aging, located on Park Street, which are convenient for visitors coming in from the North End Bridge. All of these spots are completely free of charge and open to the public, and just a short walking distance to the Majestic. We encourage those who have difficulty walking to be dropped off near the entrance of the Majestic prior to parking the vehicle. We are working to make improvements to signage and lighting to enhance the visitor experience to the area.

We also wanted to notify you of a project that will be upcoming in the spring in the area. We are redesigning the intersection of Elm Street and Westfield Street (Route 20) to improve pedestrian and vehicular safety by the creation of a traffic circle (or roundabout) style intersection. While this construction is underway, there may be less on-street parking available, so we encourage you to take advantage of the free municipal parking lots during this time.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during these upgrades and improvements to the CBD that are intended to continue to enhance the visitor experience to West Springfield and our treasured downtown area.


William C. Reichelt

Edward C. Sullivan
Council President

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