Order MAJESTIC THEATER Gift Certificates online and your order will be mailed to you.
(During this pandemic we cannot allow any patrons into the box office—all orders must be mailed.)

MAJESTIC THEATER Gift Certificates come in individual $10.00 denominations — see sample below.

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MAJESTIC THEATER Gift Certificates — Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Gift Certificates expire SEVEN (7) years from the date of issue.

  • Gift Certificates can be used at the Majestic Theater and Café to make ANY purchases, including: tickets to any performance, food, beverages, and gift shop items. They are not tickets to a specific performance.

  • Gift Certificates used to make purchases that are less than the $10 face value will result in the user of the Gift Certificate to be refunded in cash for the remaining balance. For example, if one of the $10 Gift Certificates is used in the Café to purchase a glass of wine for $6, the remaining $4 would be returned to the user in cash.

  • Gift Certificates are tracked by the Majestic Theater by the name of the purchaser, BUT lost Gift Certificates cannot be replaced.

  • Gift Certificates cannot be redeemed in their entirety for cash.