September 13, 2021

After meeting with the West Springfield Health Department and our attorneys, the Majestic Theater's management has had to make the following difficult business decisions in an effort to help the largest group of our patrons feel comfortable attending our performances. We apologize in advance to any of our patrons that are adversely impacted by this policy. Similar policies have been put into place by theaters in Boston, Hartford, and Broadway.

Face masks must be worn at all times within the Majestic Theater, except when a patron is in the Café eating or drinking. No food or beverages may be brought into the theater. The CDC does provide a list of person(s) who may be exempt from wearing a face mask (see below for CDC face mask exemptions).

Proof of full COVID-19 vaccination is mandatory to attend performances at the Majestic Theater. At this time, we cannot allow any exemptions for patrons not having been vaccinated, because the CDC states that all unvaccinated person(s) be socially distanced (6 feet) from vaccinated person(s)—at the Majestic Theater it is not possible to keep patron(s) 6 feet apart.

For more information on vaccinations please visit this CDC website:

If for any reason a patron is unwilling or uncomfortable adhering to these policies, the cost of their tickets will be refunded.

Our decision to institute these policies is part of our efforts to work towards providing our patrons with a safer environment at the Majestic Theater. We clean and spray disinfectant throughout the theater, lobby and bathrooms before and after each performance, have had all of the duct work cleaned, and air circulation is maintained during performances.

Take care and stay safe!

CDC exemptions for person(s) wearing face masks:
  • A person with a disability who, for reasons related to the disability would be physically unable to remove a mask without assistance if breathing becomes obstructed.

  • A person with an intellectual, developmental, cognitive, or psychiatric disability that affects the person’s ability to understand the need to remove a mask if breathing becomes obstructed.

The following persons with disabilities might be exempt from CDC's requirement to wear a mask based on factors specific to the person:
  • A person with a disability who cannot wear a mask because it would cause the person to be unable to breathe or have respiratory distress if a mask were worn over the mouth and nose. A person with a condition that causes intermittent respiratory distress, such as asthma, likely does not qualify for this exemption because people with asthma, or other similar conditions, can generally wear a mask safely.

  • A person with a disability requiring the use of an assistive device, such as for mobility or communication, that prevents the person from wearing a mask and wearing or using the assistive device at the same time. If use of the device is intermittent and the person can remove the mask independently to use the device, then a mask must be worn during periods when the person is not using the device.

  • A person with a severe sensory disability or a severe mental health disability who would pose an imminent threat of harm to themselves or others if required to wear a mask. Persons who experience discomfort or anxiety while wearing a mask without imminent threat of harm would not qualify for this exemption.