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A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE by Tennessee Williams
Classic American Drama • September 10 - October 18, 2015
Streetcar not only won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1948, but more than any other play ushered in a new dramatic naturalism to the stage. "The Method", as it became known, woudl revolutionize American Theater forever. Blanche DuBois, fragile and penniless and having lost the family home, once a large plantation, to creditors, finds herself in the French Quarter of New Orleans and under the roof of her sister, Stella, and her husband, Stanley Kowalski. She finds Stanley "common" but strikes up a relationship with Mitch, one of his poker buddies, until old truths are forced into the open. A Streetcar Named Desire is our first Tennessee Williams production at the Majestic — you won't want to miss it!
THE FABULOUS LIPITONES by John Markus & Mark St. Germaine
Musical Comedy • October 29 - December 6, 2015
Wally, Phil, Howard, and Andy are The Lipitones, a barbershop quartet from rural Ohio. Andy, their lead singer, suffered a fatal heart attack while holding the final note at their most recent competition — or as Wally says, "he sang his heart out." and now, with an all-important national contest coming up, the guys must find a replacement or give up the avocation that's been central to their lives since high school thirty years ago. The sole candidate who shows up to audition is a mechanic who is some twenty years younger than them. "Bob" is short for Baba Mati Das. His hair is covered by a red turban and he carries with him a small ceremonial dagger. He is, as the saying goes, "not from around here." The Fabulous Lipitones is sure to be a delight!
Mystery • January 7 - February 14, 2016
The Birlings are a prosperous middle-class family. Arthur Birling, a wealthy mill owner and local politician, and his family have just finished a celebratory dinner in their comfortable home in Brumley, England. The happy occasion is that their daughter, Sheila, has just become engaged to Gerald Croft, the son of her father's chief competitor. But then a mysterious stranger arrives, announcing himself a police inspector — Inspector Goole — and begins to interrogate them all about their possible responsibility in the death of a young working-class factory girl. The result of his questioning leads each person to believe they've in part contributed to her death — but is Inspector Goole truly who he claims to be? An Inspector Calls is a fascinating study of human nature and society.
BUTLER by Richard Strand
Civil War Drama • February 25 - April 3, 2016
Major-General Benjamin Franklin Butler was a successful Massachusetts lawyer in civilian life. Now, at the start of the Civil War, he is given command of Fort Monroe, a Union outpost in Virginia, which has just seceded from the United States. besides the threat of an attack, Butler has another problem — three escaped slaves have appeared at the fort seeking sanctuary. The law at the time requires him to return the slaves to their "rightful owner", a Confederate colonel who is soon to arrive. Shepard Mallory is one of these slaves. Both educated and defiant, he challenges the general to find a loophole in the law that will set him free. Butler is at once a comedy, a historical drama, and a biography — or, as one New York Times reviewer said, "Just call it splendid."
BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO by Erik Jackson & Ben H. Winters
Featuring the songs of Neil Sedaka
Musical • April 14 — May 22, 2016
It's Labor Day Weekend in 1960. Marge and her stagestruck best friend Lois arrive at Esther's Paradise Resort in the Catskills on a vacation that was intended to be Marge's honeymoon — but the groom has left her at the altar. Lois does her best to console Marge and comes up with a plan to set her up with Del Delmonaco, the resort's handsome but self-obsessed singer who mistakenly assumes that Marge's father can get him on American Bandstand and make him the next teen heartthrob. Then there's Gabe, the geekish handyman and aspiring songwriter, always looking forlornly on — and of course Harvey, the Borscht Belt comic who for years has secretly carried a torch for the widowed Esther. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do is a heartwarming throwback to a simpler time infused with great Neil Sedaka tunes.
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